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Zipato micromodule switch, double

Zipato micromodule switch, double

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MicroModule Switch Double is a transceiver which is a Z-Wave Plus
enabled device and is fully compatible with any Z-Wave enabled
network. Mini size design let the module can easily hide itself into
the wall box and that will be good for the house decoration.
There are many kind of application by using the module to switch
AC power ON and OFF, one main application is the light control.
The new smart relay calibration technology can reduce the inrush
current caused by the load and let the module work perfectly with
many kind of light like incandescent, fluorescent and LED light.

This MicroModule Switch Double is able to detect Instant power
wattage and overload wattage (current (7.5A) of connected light
or appliances. When detecting overload state, the Module will be
disabled and its ON/OFF button will be lockout of which LED will
flash quickly. However, unplug and re-connect the Module will
reset its overload condition to normal status.

MAXIMUM LOAD: 6.5A(230Vac/120Vac)
RANGE MINIMUM: 30m indoor 100m outdoor line of sight