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Everything at home connected

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A home without remote controls. A home that listens to you. A home that does exactly what you want, and takes care of itself. Homey does that for you. By connecting all your devices in a smart way, controlling them becomes simple again - or even unnecessary!

All your devices connected

In a world where more and more devices are getting smart or wireless, the amount of remotes on your coffee table or the apps on your smartphone increases as well.
Yet we believe that technology should make life easier and more fun.

Homey connects all these devices, so you can easily control them. Use Homey to turn your lights, by various brands, to red in the bedroom. And when you come home your favorite music starts playing automatically.


Homey talks with more than 20.000 devices.

Our goal with Homey was to connect all your devices at home.
We are therefore very proud to say that Homey talks with over 20.000 devices.
And that number grows every day.

Below you can find the most used devices, listed for your convenience. Is your device not listed?
There's a big chance you can find it in the App Store.


With Sonos, you can play music through your whole home. With Homey + Sonos you can control your speakers and automatically let them play using Flow.

Soon you will even be able to tell Homey which music you'd like to hear.


Philips Hue

Give your home some mood with the lights of Philips Hue. Homey supports the complete Hue-line, from the Hue Bulb, Hue Lux, the Hue Go to even the LED-strips.

Just tell Homey to turn on the lights, and even ask for your favorite color. And when it's time for dinner, Homey automatically turns your home into a real restaurant.

Philips Hue

Smart TV

It's almost eight o'clock, shall I turn on the news?
Homey and your TV are a fantastic duo. That remote control isn't needed anymore.

Also older TV's are supported using Infrared. Your old remote can even be used to control other devices, like lights and music.

Smart TV


Connect wall plugs and motion, contact, smoke and water sensors to Homey to create a real smart home.

Control Homey by adding the Fibaro Button or even the Swipe for a real magic feeling.